How Much Car Do You Really Need?

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The car business is all about selling you stuff you don't need, and it works. We buy crap we don't need from automakers all the time.


You don't really require 270 horsepower to merge onto the highway, but you option out the V6 anyway. You don't really need five thousand pounds of SUV to drop the kids off at school, but you get a Ford Explorer anyway.

When we saw Toyota's reasonably funky 1,700 pound lightweight beach car concept today, we wondered if most of us really need more car than that. Owen-magnetic penned this piece of ad copy, spoofing Acura's recent nausea-inducing luxury car luxury ad.

You wake up in your sensible bed
You put on your sensible watch
You drink some sensible coffee from your from sensible coffee maker
You put on some sensible shoes
Step out of your sensible house
And into a sensible car to do some sensible errands

And suddenly...everything seems less...sensible

The Toyota Me-We; the sensible car for people who don't want to drive a 4000 pound Venza just to pick up some groceries.

What kind of minimalist car would you dream up? How much car do you really need?

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Perfect, I can't believe I missed that gem of a comment! What I want in a minimalist car you can buy in Europe...just not here

Defender 110 Wagon base.