Illustration for article titled How much are those iForza 4/i reward cars really worth?

We understand the grueling agony of not knowing how much free moolah you're getting from the reward cars you get for leveling up in Forza 4. Well suffer no more – here's a full pricing guide to all of the game's free cars.


Follow up through the 50 levels and resolve those burning questions, lingering in your mind like some Edgar Allen Poe madness. Which costs more, a '69 Hurst Olds, or '69 GTO Judge? A Bugatti EB110 SS or a Ferrari F50. An Escort Cosworth or an Integrale EVO? The answers to these riddles, and many more, in this massive list from Gamespot.


The best deal right off the bat is the Alfa Giulia Spring GTA Stradale, which you were probably going to buy anyways.

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