How Many Drinks Was That? Wert Was Close Enough To Touch Melissa Francis

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Immediately after coming off the air last night we got the low-down from Wert on his first in-studio on-air antics with the marvelous Melissa "Money Bunny" Francis. Here's what he had to say, you know, like a "behind-the-scenes" kind of thing:

1.) Melissa is VERY hot.
2.) Melissa is A LOT shorter than I am.
3.) The cameras move around like little robots.
4.) "On The Money" main-man Bill McCandless rides around on a "Cruzin Cooler Motorized Scooter."
5.) Did I mention Melissa is VERY hot.
6.) Hot women make me fumble punchlines and close my eyes to think so as not to fumble lines having nothing to do with 'punch.'
6.) The production staff moves VERY fast and they're VERY competent. They'd probably make good bloggers.
7.) If the DaimlerChrysler board of directors approves this Tracinda proposal, I'll eat my hat. Or I would if I wore one.
8.) There's something else I'll save for Monday — an addition to the drinking game that may involve a prize.

Now that we've got that debrief, and before the holiday weekend begins, let's answer the more important question — how many drinks was that?

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