How Many Drinks Was That? Jalopnik Editor Jaws On Hybrids And The General; Vows Revenge Against HybridCars Editor

We've finally gotten around to getting the video up online of our associate editor from Detroit's most recent pundigasm, but now it's up and for those of you unable to see the performance — let's just say he's getting a bit better. At first we feel like you'll wonder if he's even really there — what with his lack of shifting eyes, his consistent, unblinking stare and his steady smirk demeanor. Then of course he gets interrupted by Bradley Berman of (a site that's now dead to us) — and we realize that smirk on his face is because he knows he's going to be taking out some aggression Chuck Norris-style on Mr. Berman (how many drinks would that have been if it were on film?). All that, plus some talk on the profitability of hybrid vehicles and the efficacy of a GM electric-driven auto (with the Chevy Sequel hydrogen car in the background!). But now it's time for you guys to tell us — how many drinks was that?

Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: Belly Up To The Bar For A Round That'll Be Generally Electric! [internal]


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