How Good Does A Jaguar F-Type Look Next To Its Classic Ancestors?

The new Jaguar F-Type is one handsome car, but how good does it look next to the classic Jaguar sports cars of the 1940s, '50s, and '60s?

I still think the F-Type holds up, though you can really see how much cars have grown over the years. That late '40s, early '50s XK120 likely weighs around 1,295 kilos, or 2,854 lbs. The V8 S F-Type comes in at 1,665 kilos, or 3,671 lbs.


Those XK120s were big for their era, and even then the modern F-Type has 800 pounds on it.

But man, forget about the XK120, look at that C-Type! Those are such achingly gorgeous cars. And one was raced by a drunk dude.


And that D-Type! It's surprising to see that car out and about, given just how rare they are. Those things won at Le Mans three times in a row, from '55 to '57. Its highly advanced (for the time) aerodynamic body helped inspire...


The E-Type that also showed up for this little PR shoot for Jaguar in Jabbeke, Belgium, where the company used to do its top speed tests. Conveniently, Jag parked the XKE right next to the D-type for easy comparison.

So do you think the F-Type holds up, or was it a mistake for Jag to put it next to its honorable predecessors?


Photo Credits: Jaguar

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