How Far Would You Go To Protect Your Car?

Whether or not it's real, taint-kicking someone to protect your car is fairly intense. How far would you go to protect your car?


For most of us, our car is more than transportation, it's part of the family. And you don't just let someone hurt or take family. With so many threats out there (thieves, carjackers, kids with learner permits) it's important to consider just how far you'd go to keep your precious vehicle safe. We'd certainly consider engaging in some hand-to-hand combat to keep the Volvo from wandering off without us. We might draw the line at knives and guns but we have another secret weapon. It would take some serious torture to get us to reveal the little tricks to getting our car to actually drive out of the garage. Some would call them "mechanical deficiencies" but we just call them our extra insurance policy.

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