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Like any good Millennial I eschew cable in favor of a Roku box and a borrowed HBO GO password. But when I go home to visit my folks, who have a gazillion cable channels and are into cars too, there’s inevitably a lot of Velocity TV shows to watch.

And they’re almost always just terrible. Boring people, boring cars, unrealistic (ha!) premises, artificial deadlines, not enough diversity of people or vehicles, and predictable endings all make most car TV shows about as interesting to watch as golf. And I hate golf.


Why can’t we do better? Cars are amazing and so are the people who love them. So why is car reality TV so damn bad?

Over the weekend a reality TV producer emailed your Jalopnik staff to ask what we’d like to see more of. I could give her suggestions, but I figured it’d be better if I turned this one over to you, the readers.

That’s our question of the day: How do you make car-based reality TV shows better? Have at it.

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