How Cheap Does A Chrysler 200 Have To Be Before You Would Buy One?

Chrysler tried and failed to field a legit small car competitor with the all new 200, despite the fact that they imported it from Detroit. Now that production has ceased, dealers are looking at a six-month supply of the sad sedans. Would you buy one if the price was right?


We all know the 200 was decent, just not quite up to par with its competition in the mid-size sedan category. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not an objectively terrible car. For your average driver it is comfortable enough, powerful enough, and in the right trim, it looks attractive enough.

Despite the fact that it is a discontinued model, it is still a new car with a full warranty and could provide a decent value for folks shopping on a budget. With some careful shopping, you can find a “brand new” 200 Limited for less than $14,000.

These aren’t base model cars, either. These are “Limited” trims, which even though there are a million of them available they do come standard with a backup camera, a 5-inch touchscreen, alloy wheels, and LED lights.


Or for the same money, you could have the terribly pathetic Nissan Versa S, that gives you fancy options like CVT automatic and cruise control.


Perhaps you are in the market for something around $24,000. That would get you a base model Kia Optima LX with a four-cylinder motor and cloth seats and the “driver’s convenience” package with power windows and mirrors.


Or you could get fancy with a killer deal on a Chrysler 200C AWD.


The 200C gives you Chrysler’s quite good 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 that pumps out 295 horsepower, and that is mated to an all-wheel-drive system to give you better bad weather traction. The 200C also comes with leather seats, remote start, a 7-inch touchscreen, and a “sport-tuned suspension.” If you can pick one up for under twenty-five grand, it’s a lot of car for the money.

So even at these fire-sale prices is the 200 worth it? Personally, I would rather have a moderately equipped Accord for $25,000, but if you want a decent car with a lot of stuff and cheap financing depending on your priorities, the 200 may provide a good value proposition.

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