How Can You Summarize An Awesome Car Ad?

The world of car ads in the U.S. isn't entirely bad until you compare it to other countries. Every now and then we get a German or French ad that's amazing subtle in humor but covered in something that the FCC would undoubtedly have a bone to pick with. Or sometimes it's so crazy agencies think Americans will just go, "What the fuck was that?!" But in a bad way.

This Nissan Juke ad from Mexico is definitely insane but in an awesome way. It's a whole minute of explosion and free of Millennial-ness that it's such a shame they don't even try it on prospective Juke buyers here.


Just watch what AbarthGuy: Winter Tires AWD did and you'll understand:

And Dragonesis did a good job, too:


So, Nissan, that's what the Jalops want. More GIF-able ads.

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