The world of car ads in the U.S. isn't entirely bad until you compare it to other countries. Every now and then we get a German or French ad that's amazing subtle in humor but covered in something that the FCC would undoubtedly have a bone to pick with. Or sometimes it's so crazy agencies think Americans will just go, "What the fuck was that?!" But in a bad way.

This Nissan Juke ad from Mexico is definitely insane but in an awesome way. It's a whole minute of explosion and free of Millennial-ness that it's such a shame they don't even try it on prospective Juke buyers here.

Just watch what AbarthGuy: Winter Tires AWD did and you'll understand:


And Dragonesis did a good job, too:


So, Nissan, that's what the Jalops want. More GIF-able ads.