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Here in America, the Nissan Juke is a great little mini-crossover that overcomes its awkward looks by being genuinely fun to drive. But in Mexico, the Juke is something else entirely: a crime-fighting, time traveling, tire smoking, glass destroying LEGEND.


I stumbled upon this ad on Nissan Mexico's website after reading the Mexican cab story in today's AOTD, which made me wonder if they still make the Tsuru, essentially an early 1990s Sentra often enlisted for taxi cab duty. (Spoiler alert: Yup.)


But when I did my eyes and ears were treated to this stunning video masterpiece. My Spanish is a little rusty, but from what I can infer it tells us the Juke is a motorcycle, a rally car, a cross between a cheetah and a supersonic jet, a police car in a 1970s movie, star of a deleted scene from Akira, a machine that can travel through time and space, and a car bad enough to crash through a big window pane that says "TAL VEZ."

I am now tempted to buy a Juke. In Mexico.

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