How Bad's The Flooding In Arizona? Well, People Are Jet-Skiing In Parks

The biblical downpour that's dumped on Phoenix, Arizona this week has destroyed property and even been lethal. But I guess if you've got a jet ski and you live in the desert, you have to take every chance you can get to make some wake.


What we're looking at here is a flooded retention basin in the neighborhood of Eastridge. Basins like this are little "ponds" meant to manage erosion and improve water quality in adjacent waterways. Rainwater has grown this one big enough to swallow up almost the entire park it's placed in.

Those trees popping out of the water make the place look like Drake Lake. The woodsy level in Wave Race 64? Anybody?

It's all fun and games when you're splashing around in a swollen pond, but this week's weather has seriously screwed up the south west. The whole region between Salt Lake City and Las Vegas was ravaged; homes, highways, and vehicles were demolished.

The cleanup and salvage process has already begun, hopefully the area gets sorted out soon.

Hat tip to ShiftsAndGiggles!


Jonathan Harper

Yeeeaaaaaa, that's quite likely not water you'd ever want to be dunked in. Most likely a toxic cocktail of runoffs...see that brownish film on the water near where the cameraman is standing?...yea. No thanks.