How A Guy Built A Rear-Wheel-Drive Honda Integra In His Garage Is Completely Insane

This car started out as a right-hand-drive, front-wheel-drive, JDM Honda Integra and its owner David Richmond figured he would do (what seemed like) a simple parts swap to make it rear-wheel drive. Simple is not how things worked out.

Richmond explained on video turned up today on BangShift that he thought he could swap in the engine, drivetrain and suspension from a 1997 Mustang Cobra SVT, V8 and all.


As he worked it all out, he decided that it’d be easier to just weld the whole bottom of a Mustang together with the top of the Integra. Swap the Ford chassis underneath the Honda body.

BuildThreads put Richmond’s massive Honda-Tech build thread into a digestible video, going over all of his steps gutting both cars, chopping the both up, then welding the Integra body onto the bare skateboard of the Mustang.

It is these moments of descending madness that inspire me, myself to hole up in a garage for months at a time and emerge with a Frankenstein’s monster nobody else understands.

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