Are you a fan of Soviet/Russian cars, and have been continually disappointed by their lack of any mainstream attention on American media? If so, boy are you going to be happy, because Ladas were just talked about for an extended period of time on the Netflix show, House of Cards. It just wasn't all that flattering. Or accurate.


Still, it's something, right? The Lada-talk occurs in a scene where Kevin Spacey's fiction-president Frank Underwood is in a meeting with the fiction-president of the Russian Federation, a Vladimir Putin-analogue named Viktor Petrov.

Petrov is making an extended analogy using Ladas as an example. As he describes them, they were crappy, tiny cars with no heat that you'd hit your head in while going over a speed bump. Ladas, though, weren't particularly small, really. And while you could certainly argue that Ladas of the Soviet era were indeed plenty crappy, I think they really had a Zaporozets in mind when writing this scene, as those were much smaller than most Ladas.


Besides, there's not just one Lada, after all. There's the Fiat-based Lada/GAZ 2105, the Samara, the Niva, of course, and a number of others. Still, to me, I bet the writers were picturing an early Zaporozets 965, like this one:

Illustration for article titled iHouse Of Cards/i Talks About Ladas, Doesnt Quite Get It Right

Even so, I'm just happy to hear people on TV (or whatever Netflix is, technically) talking about Ladas.

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