Hot Hatchlet: Fiesta Supermini on the Way?

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According to the UK's Autoexpress, Ford's working up a new, super-Fiesta that will share a design aesthetic with Ford Europe's other new models (e.g., Mondeo and S-Max). The mag says the car's an outgrowth of the company's new small-car platform, from which the Mazda2 (which we will likely see in the US along with an new Ford small SUV, dubbed Ecosport) is based. Word is the new, Cologne-built model (represented above in spec illustration) won't be all econobox and no action. It'll get high-tech features like electronic brake force distribution and traction control systems and the Microsoft-developed Sync technology, as well as a markedly upgraded interior. The marquee event will be an ST model, powered by a turboxharged, 1.6-liter four, producing 170 hp. Hat hotchness!


Fiesta turns on the style [AutoExpress]

Spy Photos: Mazda2, Wagon Too; Spy Photos: Ford EcoSport in Hollywood; Wolf's Ford Fiesta Concept [internal]


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The current Fiesta ST is brilliant, and would be even better with the proposed extra 20 brake... it could even keep the classic Ford gap between second and third gears and I wouldn't mind. I'm not sure about the redesign as the existing model is really clean and sharp - that one looks like it's trying too hard.

Now, stick the swedish five banger from the focus ST in there and we're really talking... :)