Hot Hatchlet: Fiesta Supermini on the Way?

According to the UK's Autoexpress, Ford's working up a new, super-Fiesta that will share a design aesthetic with Ford Europe's other new models (e.g., Mondeo and S-Max). The mag says the car's an outgrowth of the company's new small-car platform, from which the Mazda2 (which we will likely see in the US along with an new Ford small SUV, dubbed Ecosport) is based. Word is the new, Cologne-built model (represented above in spec illustration) won't be all econobox and no action. It'll get high-tech features like electronic brake force distribution and traction control systems and the Microsoft-developed Sync technology, as well as a markedly upgraded interior. The marquee event will be an ST model, powered by a turboxharged, 1.6-liter four, producing 170 hp. Hat hotchness!

Fiesta turns on the style [AutoExpress]

Spy Photos: Mazda2, Wagon Too; Spy Photos: Ford EcoSport in Hollywood; Wolf's Ford Fiesta Concept [internal]


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