Spy Photos: Ford EcoSport in Hollywood

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Our favorite Hollywood extra, The Hollywood Extra unearthed a shot of two Ford EcoSport SUVs in Los Angeles, an odd sight considering the closest market in which the small utes are sold is Brazil. Smaller and more car-like than the Escape, the front/four-wheel-drive EcoSport is based on the Fiesta subcompact platform, and is a variant of the high-roof European Fusion. Earlier this year, a report suggested Ford is considering an EcoSport-based replacement for the Escape SUV and its brethren the Mercury Mariner and Mazda Tribute, tapping its Brazilian division to save development costs. But don't get too excited, these models are likely just here for some photo shoot or other.

Euro Fusion in the US [The Hollywood Extra]

Escape to Brazil: Next Ford Small SUV to Be Variant of EcoSport [internal]


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