Horrific Crash Sends Race Car Flipping Into Camera Stand

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Thank goodness for race workers, as they often sit in relatively unprotected stands right next to the action. It’s the best view in the house, but you definitely hope all the stands are in locations where no one will hit them. This British Touring Car Championship crash is everyone’s worst nightmare turned up to 11.

During race three at Snetterton, BTCC was its usual chaotic self and crashed right at the start, sending Hunter Abbott’s car rolling on top of the wall and right into an ITV cameraman’s stand, per the all too appropriately named Crash.net.

The camera stand toppled over relatively slowly given the violent collision, giving the man on top ample time to experience his life flashing before his eyes. Fortunately, he was not severely injured in the incident and was soon cleared by on-track medic, according to Crash.net. The session was red flagged for clean-up afterwards.

The second race at Snetterton also had a first lap crash, so maybe they should move this camera stand, or look into installing a catch fence. I’m all for going all-out to get the perfect shot, but sometimes you just need to accept the fact that longer lenses are the answer.


Now please excuse me while I curl up into a little ball and try to think about anything else after having watched this. Always thank your track-side staff! Thanks in advance.

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[Correction: citmiiup noted that the second race’s crash was further down from the stand than I had gathered from Crash.net’s report. The post has been clarified above.]