Bone-Rattling Crash Shows Why Rejoining A Race Is So Dangerous

Rejoining race traffic after a spin or an off is one of the hairiest situations on track, and here’s a good example why. Trans-Am racer Paul Fix picked just the wrong time to nudge back onto the track at Mid-Ohio.

Fix’s Corvette spun off track in a tricky spot, where oncoming traffic can’t see the cars just off the track and vice versa.

As a result, Fix got t-boned hard by Tristan Herbert’s Camaro as Fix was easing the front half of his car back on to the pavement. As the Trans-Am commentators noted, Herbert was on the racing line, but by the time he could see Fix’s Corvette, it was too late.

Fix’s car in particular was completely annihilated in the collision. The No. 12 of Todd Peterson was also caught up in the mess, according to Racer.


Fortunately, no one appears to have been seriously injured despite how bad the cars look. Sometimes crashes are largely unavoidable, and it’s good to see that all the safety gear that Trans Am requires actually did its job here.

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That was the most dangerous move possible, especially at a blind corner. He should have followed the marshal’s point instead of taking off on his own. And before anyone else asks, yes, I am a corner marshal, and yes I have discussed it with some of the workers who were at the race.