Hoosier Daddy, Baby? Nine Indiana Delphi Early Retirees Win State Lottery

Locals are calling them "The Delphi Lucky Nine" — they're nine soon-to-be unemployed Delphi employees forced to take either early retirement or be transferred to General Motors to live out the rest of their days in indentured servitude. All nine lucky Hoosiers belonged to a lottery club and due to luck of the draw, will be getting a little bit bigger check in their golden years than some of their contemporaries taking buyout packages. The group of nine found themselves on the receiving end of a nine million dollar Hoosier Lottery jackpot — but don't worry, they won't let it get to their heads — all nine showed up in their Sunday best short-sleeve button-downs...except the ones wearing tucked-in t-shirts, of course.

Choose Your Own Adventure: GM Edition [internal]


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