When a rally team decided to pick up a project car, you know it's going to be good. Here is German rally team Kahle Motorsports and their Škoda 130LR fitted with everything from a full cage to a sequential gearbox, hooning their way through some deserted forest roads.

The Škoda 130 was more than just another shitty econobox from the former East Bloc; it was a rear-engined Czech family car with the potential for rally brilliance. These things racked up 17 consecutive championships in their class in the UK's RAC rally and god only knows how many wins the Škoda rally team had with these things everywhere else.

In case you're wondering about how fast this Group H 1986 Škoda 130LR actually is, I can say that weighing 1,900 pounds and with 130 horsepower thrumming from its rear-mounted four cylinder, it is surprisingly not as powerful as a box-fresh M3 that any schlub can buy from the dealer. That's 0.15hp/kg for the Škoda and 0.25hp/kg for the BMW.

Cut to 2:15 in the video to get to pure engine noise and skip the German team's taste in music, which is about as bad as you think it is.