Hoon of the Day: Qatar Qadillac Qraziness!

In Qatar, you have bored hoons, sand dunes, full-sized rear-wheel-drive Detroit iron, and low-quality video equipment. Put them together and you get something like this video of a box Cadillac repeatedly getting two-wheel air. Apparently the participating hoons were attempting to roll their Caddy, a goal they finally achieved through sheer persistence. This one gets a massive deduction of 30 points because the creator filmed it off a video screen with a handheld camera (hey, analog video-capture cards are cheap, even in Qatar, so there's no excuse), but gets a 20-point bonus thanks to the sheer punishment endured by the hoon at the wheel. Hoon-O-Meter reading: 24 points.
Hoon of the Day: Land Cruiser Abuse, UAE Style [internal]

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Sakes alive! Check out how the roof collapses on the guy's head when they finally get it to roll. It crushed down to the door sills. I'm going to give it a 70% chance that the guy is either dead or in a wheel-chair. Anybody got any info saying otherwise?

Despite the scary roof design, I am very impressed by the punishment that the suspension endures under such a heavy car under that much punishment without breaking.