Hoon of the Day: Qatar Qadillac Qraziness!

In Qatar, you have bored hoons, sand dunes, full-sized rear-wheel-drive Detroit iron, and low-quality video equipment. Put them together and you get something like this video of a box Cadillac repeatedly getting two-wheel air. Apparently the participating hoons were attempting to roll their Caddy, a goal they finally achieved through sheer persistence. This one gets a massive deduction of 30 points because the creator filmed it off a video screen with a handheld camera (hey, analog video-capture cards are cheap, even in Qatar, so there's no excuse), but gets a 20-point bonus thanks to the sheer punishment endured by the hoon at the wheel. Hoon-O-Meter reading: 24 points.
Hoon of the Day: Land Cruiser Abuse, UAE Style [internal]

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