Hoon of the Day: Land Cruiser Abuse, UAE Style

Brought to you by the same gentleman in the United Arab Emirates who gave us Enzo Donuts, here's a film of dissolute Arab youths beating the everlovin' shit out of a Land Cruiser in a parking lot. The ululating Middle Eastern music makes an appropriate background for the agonized blatting of the straight-piped Land Cruiser's engine. Bonus hoonage points for having a full load of passengers in the vehicle, though we're deducting 10 points for the horrible video quality. Come on, khalifa61, spend a few bucks on a better camera! Hoon-O-Meter score: 32.

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Closer to $1.60 a gallon, for premium - but there's just so darn much of it!

I've gotten in between a few Land Cruiser/Patrol grands prix at Abu Dhabi stoplights; those big sixes sound pretty impressive having their boxes revved off, but it was more fun smoking them in my V8 Caprice rental...