Hoon Gives Amazing Interview After "Crazy Old Bastard" Shoots His Car

When an intrepid hoon started doing a burnout on his street in rural Australia, his 61-year-old neighbor pulled a gun and started shooting at him. What followed was a fight for hoon justice and an amazing interview.


The 61-year-old shooter was arrested after he started shooting at his 23-year-old neighbor and "burnout enthusiast" Shane Tenhagius, who was doing a burnout in his street in Marrakai. The driver "pumped two into me windscreen," the Tenhagius told Channel 9 News, adding that he also shot into the car's grill and bumper as well as at his house and one at him while he was on his deck, all while saying "motherfucker think you're deadly?"

Tenhagius then chased the shooter, who then shot back at him.

I had a kid inside here. I was going to belt the shit out of him, too. Can't come up and shoot my house while I got a kid inside. That's just unacceptable. Even though we did a burnout, that's still unacceptable.

When asked what was going through his head, Tenhagius gave an insightful answer.

What a crazy [unknown expletive deleted]! What a [unknown expletive deleted] fruit loop! Who does this, you know? That's fruit loop. Honestly, I got no car now.

Tenhagius also told Channel 9 News that his neighbor shot at his floodlight before, also because his friend did a burnout. Burnouts are reportedly common on the street, which is far from safe. Then again, neither is shooting at people.

The counter-interview posted today from the shooter, Geroge Bunting, was also fantastic. He claimed he was "prepared to take the rap on his chin" for shooting at the cars. He claims to have 20 years of trained shooting experience and that there was no danger to any people. He was only trying to take the car out of service.

Tenhagius was charged with unlicensed driving and damaging the road, while Bunting faces three charges including recklessly endangering lives.


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I want to hear more about this, but only if Hannah Dawkins is involved.