Honda won't deny what everyone wants to know and we already told you: That the mysterious Ferris Bueller Super Bowl ad is Honda's. Honda pitchman? I thought Ferris was gonna be a fry cook on Venus!

A person calling themselves "chuckachucka2012" released a short 10-second video of Matthew Broderick in his Ferris Bueller character opening the curtains of a room asking "How can I handle work on a day like today?" followed by the bow-bow-chucka-chucka sound followed by the date "2.5.12" i.e. the Super Bowl.

Some wondered if Broderick would reprise his role for a sequel. Alas, a little birdie had already told Jalopnik Bueller wasn't going to take another day off so much as pick up a little work from Honda.


A spokesperson for Honda refused to deny that this is all a setup for a Honda ad — only confirming that, yes, there will be a Honda spot airing in the Super Bowl. The spokesperson wouldn't go into any details but said we might know more on Monday.