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EXCLUSIVE: Ferris Bueller's Mysterious Super Bowl Ad Is For Honda

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's a lot of buzz right now for the clip above showing Matthew Broderick appearing to be a grown-up Ferris Bueller (bow-bow-chik-chika-chika sound effect included) looking to skip work for another day off.

While everyone thinks it's a teaser for a sequel to the hit flick "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" only Jalopnik can tell you it's not. No, it's for Honda. And that's not all.


UPDATE: We were right! The full Ferris Bueller Honda CR-V Super Bowl commercial can be found here.


A source familiar with Honda's operations hinted to us earlier this year that the company was going to do a Ferris Bueller-style ad for the Super Bowl starring none other than Matthew Broderick.

The source also added that the spot was going to mimic much of the original film, except this time prominently featuring Hondas. The big jump the two valets do in Cameron's dad's Ferrari? We hear this time it's going to be a Honda CR-V.

Honda is pouring a lot of money into this ad and, according to our source, hired The Hangover writer/director Todd Phillips to put it all together.

See the clip that's got everyone buzzing below.

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Last week the world wondered what Matthew Broderick was up to in a short ten-second teaser clip on YouTube where he appeared to be playing Ferris Bueller, the character from his famous flick "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." Now here's the full ad. And yes, we were right — it was for Honda.More »