Honda Ridgeline The GM Truck Of The Future?

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After disclosing yesterday that the GMT900 full-size truck/SUV platform will likely last beyond its original 2012 expiration date, a new report says that future trucks may appear on the Lambda platform. Using Lambda, the foundation for current GM SUVs such as the GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave, would mark a shift away from body-on-frame pickup construction, since Lambda uses a lighter-weight unit-body chassis — think Honda Ridgeline. Except attractive, hopefully.

While unit-body construction would likely reduce towing and payload capacity over current GMT900 offerings, reports show that the majority of light-truck buyers rarely use the full capacity of their vehicles. Lambda would provide GM with an opportunity to provide more interior storage space and better fuel economy while still being able to offer 2WD and 4WD packages. Since we know Americans don't want to give up their pickups, moving the "commuter trucks" onto Lambda sounds like another smart choice for the General. Now let's see if it actually happens.
[Automotive News (Sub. Req.)]

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The Ridgline was an experiment for Honda, nothing more. Anyone trying to pass that "trucklet" off has having any more utility than a Pilot is crazy. Ever see where the spare tire is on that thing? Good luck changing a flat if you're hauling a load of dirt . . .

The ideal small truck to improve CAFE compliance and still offer customers demanding moderate utility would be a small Colorado-esque truck with a turbo diesel. Solid MPG numbers and still a bed for towing with a crew cab.

But alas, the good old EPA will never allow most diesels in this country so whatever . . .