This Is Our Country, This Is Our Truck...And It Will Be For Quite Some Time

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General Motors is planning to extend the current product cycle on its full-size trucks and SUVs, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. New designs had been expected to come in time for the 2012 model year. However GM spokesperson Tom Wilkinson told the Journal that GM was "looking at the whole product portfolio" in an effort to bring more fuel-efficient vehicles to the U.S. market. While the change in product planning should free up much-needed R&D funds, there's little doubt the lukewarm launch of the latest Toyota Tundra and the gas prices-induced slow-motion 2009 Dodge Ram and 2009 Ford F-150 launch train-wrecks influenced top brass at the Ren Cen.


The report also mentioned cancellation of a future Hummer product and the potential shuttering of a brand, though no concrete evidence has emerged to clarify whether the Hummer product cancellation and brand closure were one in the same (Hummer) or whether Hummer might be allowed to die on the vine while another weak brand, such as Buick, was closed outright or moved off-shore. [Automotive News (Sub. Req.)]


Rob Emslie

That's good. The truck wars had gotten out of hand, with every manufacturer trying to one-up every three or four years. The current models from every manufacturer are too complicated and expensive to maintain and repair (Hello, non-integrated bumpers don't require fender repairs after a minor shunt!) and it'd be nice to see somebody build real TRUCKS again rather than these Urban Cowboy poseur-mobiles.