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Honda Recalls 117,000 Ridgelines Over Potentially Faulty Backup Cameras

Ridgelines produced between 2017 and 2019 are affected.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A photo of a burgundy Honda Ridgeline truck on a country road.
Honda has recalled more than 117,000 Ridgeline pickup trucks.
Photo: Honda

If one word were to sum up 2022 in the car world, I think it might be recall. So far this year, automakers from Ford to Mercedes have been forced to redesign and repair models that have long since left the forecourt. Now, it’s Honda’s turn, again.

The Japanese automaker has been forced to recall more than 117,000 Ridgeline pickup trucks because of faulty backup cameras, according to Consumer Reports. Honda found that opening and closing the tailgate in certain Ridgeline trucks could break a wiring harness, which would cause the rearview camera to fail.


From the paperwork filed by Honda with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it sounds like the issue might come down to nothing more than a zip tie. According to Honda:

The RVC wire harness was manufactured with a protective corrugated tubing and harness guide to help protect the wiring from stress when the tailgate was opened and closed; a zip tie was used to keep the corrugated tubing and guide in the proper position.

With some RVC wire harnesses, the length of corrugated tubing inserted into the harness guide was insufficient to provide optimal protection and the zip tie was insufficiently tightened.

A photo of the tailgate on a burgundy Honda Ridgeline truck.
Opening and closing the tailgate can damage the backup camera.
Photo: Honda

In order to fix the issue, Honda will replace the wiring harness in affected vehicles free of charge. The recall affects 117,445 ridgeline trucks assembled between 2017 and 2019. According to Consumer Reports:

Honda says that it has received more than 3,400 warranty claims related to this problem but that there have been no reported injuries or deaths related to it. Of course, a rearview camera is more than a convenience; it’s a safety feature to reduce backover injury risks.

Owners will be notified in January about the problem and instructed to go to their local Honda dealership for a repair. Technicians will replace the rearview camera tailgate wiring harness with a new one that has an improved design.

Honda is the latest automaker to issue a recall of its cars this year. It follows Rivian recalling its R1T pickup truck and Lamborghini bringing in its Urus super SUV for repairs.

A photo of a Honda Ridgeline pickup truck driving through a stream.
Roads, where we’re going we don’t need roads.
Photo: Honda

If you think your truck may be affected by Honda’s recall, there are a few simple steps you can take to check. You can track the recall through the NHTSA site using the VIN tool, or on the NHTSA SaferCar app.