Honda Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Civic Si

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When the Civic Si launched for 1986, it featured a whopping 91 horsepower cranked out of a 1.5L engine. By '89, it was up to 108, and featured the mini-Legend styling that made that iteration of Honda's compact, in our eyes at least, the best-looking of the bunch, especially in hatchback trim. The Si's popularity grew through the 1990s, although it took some time off early in this decade and came back as a hatch that'd lost some of its spark. Honda's the featured marque at this year's SEMA show, and they're pulling out all the stops to thrust the latest Si back into the limelight. The Civic's new styling is really growing on us, and it's definitely a step above the mashed-potato-sandwich-with-mayo-on-Wonderbread styling of the previous generation. Plus, it's got, y'know, 200hp.

20 Years of Civic

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