Honda And Piper Take To The Skies On A Wing, A Prayer And A HondaJet

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Is there a business Honda's not in? Back in 2003, Honda came up with plans for a new experimental compact business jet equipped with Honda-developed HF118 jet engines. Now, after three years of tinkering with it, they've now set up a way to sell the little bastards. They've signed an alliance with Florida-based we have a Piper down Aircraft, Inc, for sales and marketing support and now it looks like Honda's goal of taking to the skies is ready to take flight. All we know is it never bodes well for a company doing well in auto sales to suddenly decide to shovel money by crook and by foot into the money pit that is aircraft development. Good to see that other companies can head down the same shit-hole taken by luminaries such as SAAB.

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