Holy Nickelbag!

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Twin-turbocharging your V8 doesn't have to be difficult… provided you choose the right vehicle.

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The last time we saw the Snoopy's Quest For The Holy Nickelbag GMC Vanamino, its naturally-inducted, front-mounted Chevy 350 was in a billion pieces in the mud at Nelson Ledges. Clearly, the team's problem was incorrect engine location compounded by a serious lack of boost! That's why the Holy Nickelbags have gone ahead and mounted the engine behind the driver and added roof-intercooled twin ghettocharging, complete with blow-through Holly carburetor. We can't see a single weak point in this setup, which should make its debut at the American Irony race this April.


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Running that much exhaust tubing in the back, they could install baking racks in the compartment and make like a modern 'loaves and fishes' for the assembled masses. Bagels or baguettes? Enquiring minds want to know.