Holy Hell Mitsubishi Actually Sold A Surprising Number Of Cars Last Year

Image credit: Justin Westbrook/Jalopnik
Image credit: Justin Westbrook/Jalopnik

Despite its very sad booth at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Mitsubishi actually managed to move a decent number of cars in 2017. I have no idea who is buying them, but somebody sure is!


The Japanese automaker sold over 100,000 cars last year, whereas 2016 only saw around 96,000 vehicles sold. The Outlander Sport and Outlander crossovers pulled in the most numbers, unsurprisingly. Each sold 33,160 and 35,310 vehicles respectively.

And even though the Lancer was discontinued, Mitsubishi still somehow sold over 12,000 of the things. Not bad! Here are the rest of the numbers, if you’re curious.

Screengrab via Mitsubishi
Screengrab via Mitsubishi

By comparison, Kia sold... 589,668 cars last year. Alright, so yes, 100,000 isn’t that many. But it’s still something!

Mitsubishi’s newest crossover, the Eclipse, will probably go on sale sometime this year and help boost sales a bit more. I, grudgingly, will give it a chance. But with auto sales project to fall this year, will it be enough?

Or will Mitsubishi continue on its seemingly slow and downward spiral in the U.S.?

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