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By now, like most people on earth, you’ve probably seen Captain America: Civil War, a film where a simple misunderstanding leads to a gigantic fistfight at an airport. But what you may not have seen at that airport fight was one of the best movie Easter Eggs in a long time.

Reddit’s r/comicbooks (and a few other places) pointed out that the famous staircase car from the Fox and Netflix comedy Arrested Development appears briefly during the movie’s centerpiece airport fight scene between the forces of Captain America and Iron Man.


I’ll confess I didn’t see it when I saw the movie, but some screencaps reveal that it’s there.

Since the stair car—the vehicle driven by members of the ne’er-do-well Bluth family after their fall from grace—is from an airport, it’s kind of in its natural habitat during the big fight scene.

Why Arrested Development? Because before directing superhero epics like Civil War, Anthony Russo and Joseph V. Russo directed several episodes of the show during its original run, including the pilot. Is the stair car their personal vehicle now? I would like to think so.


Who knows, maybe we’ll see Motherboy in the next Avengers movie now. The jokes practically write themselves.

Hat tip to The Drive!

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