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Holy Crap! Obvious Jalopnik Brainstorm!

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We're not sure why we didn't think of this as soon as we realized how heavily Changfeng relied on Mitsubishi technology and design of a certain age. If Mitsu won't give us a new Starion, why shouldn't Changfeng give us an old Starion with a leaping cheetah gracing the front end instead of a diamond star? We can almost guarantee that it would never make us disappointed.


Waiting For the Great Leap Sideways: Changfeng Motor Takes on Detroit [Internal]

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Oh, so a flaming lion on an Astra reeks of Satan's own sacksweat, but a leaping cheetah on a badly spelled coupe radiates eau de mucho goodness? Damn you journos, and your infernal confusing double standards!

On the amusingly translated horsey theme I vote that the new one should be called the Rustang, or the Dolt...