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Lamborghini's Diablo VT was a successor to the iconic Countach. VH1's "Hogan Knows Best" was the successor to the iconic wrestler Hulk Hogan's exceptional acting wrestling career. (Take a guess which one will be the butt of the jokes in this post.) It seems Hogan's Diablo VT recently went up in flames, as is the wont of some rear-engined Italian sports cars. It's not clear who was driving, or what the circumstances surrounding the incident were, but the car may have been piloted by Hogan's son (we'll call him "Josh" β€” even though his name's "Nick"). One thing we do know is that, according to photos by the Miami Herald Hogan's wife Linda has quite substantial calves and the ankles of a longshoreman. And that the car's toast. Otherwise, it's anyone's guess what might have transpired.

Hulk Hogan's car catches fire on Bay Harbor Islands [Miami Herald]

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