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We knew that 308s had a reputation for burning up, largely because the cats would overheat and unburned fuel would ignite. But as reported earlier, 599s and F430s apparently are attempting to keep up the legacy of cavallino rampante flamb (and yes, we're aware that we're mixing our Romance languages). Not to be outdone, our pal Noah Lehmann-Haupt — who famously killed any chance of victory on a Bullrun stage for himself and teammate Rob Ferretti, as well as the kind, trusting ladies we were embedded with on the last four legs of the rally after giving us a helluva ride in a Ford GT — had a 360 go up in flames a week or so ago. Click through for the video of the tragedy. Says Noah: "Tubi is the best-built exhaust system ever made." After seeing the vids, we're inclined to agree.

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