Every decent living mammal on the planet knows that if you hit a car with your car because of some mistake you made, you pull over. I think this basic idea is carved into the Hammurabi Stele, even. That’s not what happened at all here, as a terrible Toyota Camry driver hits a Subaru BRZ, tries to run away, and learns about understeer.

It’s rare I hope that a driver is drunk, but I do hope this Camry driver is drunk, because if not, they may be the worst driver I’ve ever seen.


Changing a lane into another car—another car that doesn’t even appear to be in their blind spot—is plenty bad, but then trying to book it away and understeering on the off-ramp right into the guard rail, that’s a special kind of shitty driving. Taking off yet again to get away is more just shitty human-ing.


Based on comments from the original poster of this video, it appears that the driver was caught, and charged with a very unsurprising DWI.

This guy didn’t even have the Camry Dent! That’s probably the real problem; the cars just don’t handle right without it.