You'd think there'd be more cars named after an America that's super. America already conjures up images of freedom, power, gleeful excess, and eagles mating majestically in the air, so you'd think a super version of that would be like Superman having sex with a magic hamburger. As it turns out, there's only been five cars to try it.

Even better, this may be the best set of five cars you could imagine. Four Ferraris (of which there were a number of varying coachbuilt bodies for some) and an Argentinian Citroën 2CV knock-off.

If you were offered a deal where you could get, for free, any of the cars named SuperAmerica as long as they picked one at random, most people would think they'd have 4 to 1 odds of coming out very happy. But not me. I'd be happy with absolutely any of these cars. In fact, some perverse part of me might be happiest with that IES SuperAmerica.

I thought this fascinatingly lopsided collection of name-sharers deserved a chart, so here you go. I put the HP ratings in there because the range is just beautiful.