Here's Your First Look At The Isle Of Man TT Film To See This Year

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A lot of videos have been made of the Isle of Man TT. You know the ones I’m talking about. A bike goes really fast, an engine makes a lot of noise, and everyone goes “oooh, aaah.” But those are just videos. IOM TT is a film, and just from this teaser, it looks incredible.


What makes it a film, you ask? Well, just like any film, it has people, and it has characters. The IOM TT teaser opens up Tom McHale, a guy whose face can clearly tell a million stories.

And the TT has millions of more stories than that, as it’s definitely a contender for the nuttiest race in the world. Screaming fast bikes, on butt-clenchingly tight public roads, in a racing world where death is still a regular occurrence.

Honestly, I tend to be a bit ho-hum about racing films, as it’s so hard to get them right. But as we saw when we first heard about this film last week, it’s got the right team of Chris Kippenberger (the most interesting man in car porn) and Luke Huxham (the most interesting man in Japanese car porn) behind it.

The trailer was broken a few days ago, but it’s back now. Watch it here, and get excited.

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Christopher Kippenberger

the film will focus on the silent heroes of IOM TT