We're all curious about Chevy's new Volt that uses a stop instead of a fricative for its initial letter: the Bolt. So far, no one's seen it yet, except, of course, for Jalopnik's spy robot, currently roaming the show floor disguised as a large shrub. Sadly, the robot's fabric-penetrating cam is down, so all we have is this.

Still, we can gather a fair amount here. Initially, we thought this may be some new variant of the Sonic (possibly the long-rumored 11-seater developed in tandem with RyanAir) but sources on the inside have told us with reasonable certainty that this is, in fact, the Bolt.

It appears to be a two-box crossover-type design, and has some nice bold asterisk-looking wheels. I'm assuming Chevy's sticking with tradition and there's windows and lights and doors under there, too. But who knows! Maybe this is the year they finally move away from all that tired crap.

Either way, if this is in fact a cover and not some Christo-inspired design theme, we'll have full coverage when it comes off.