Here's Why A Lack Of Snow Tires Will Even Wreck A WRX [UPDATE]

As the first big snows of winter start falling in much of the United States, it's time for another reminder that not even your precious all-wheel drive will save you from the devil that is Summer Tires in the Snow, and his minions Understeer and Pole. UPDATE

Just remember, kids. If you're going to go out and do snownuts this winter, go hog wild. Just make sure there aren't any cars, poles, or people around while you do it. Because you'll hurt somebody, or worse, you'll look like a doofus.


UPDATE: From the driver himself, it looks like snow tires weren't a factor:

  • The tires are winter tires.
  • I hit the pole because I was going almost 40 in 2nd and panicked and my brakes locked, instead of powering out like I should have. Live and learn.
  • Sunglasses because I have a light sensitivity. Windshield tint was supposed to go on today, now it'll wait until after the car is fixed.

Hi haters!

Hat tip to Justin!

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