Here's What Nissan's Head Star Wars Geek Told Us About All The Star Wars Stuff

Illustration for article titled Heres What Nissans Head iStar Wars/i Geek Told Us About All The iStar Wars /iStuff

Even though I’m a fan of Star Wars (well, I’m really more a fan of clunky little droids and related droid culture, and Star Wars is just the delivery vehicle) I find Nissan’s aggressive Star Wars marketing tie-ins a bit baffling. I’m not the only one who’s confused, so I decided to seek out the source of it all, and talk to the man behind the Nissan-Galaxy Long Long Ago/Far Far Away partnership.


I hunted down Jeremy Meadows, Senior Manager of Marketing Strategy and Integration. I think that’s sort of a Grand Moff-level position in Nissan, I think. He probably reports right to the wizened old emperor of Nissan.

Anyway, he’s the man running the whole Star Wars/Nissan alliance, so I asked him all the hard questions about what Nissan is doing, exactly, and why I can’t actually order a Rogue with X-wing airfoils or a droid socket, or if I can order a new motivator for my R5 from a Nissan service department.


Those stupid motivators are always going bad.

Here’s what he had to say:

That’s a patient and tolerant man, right? Someone should give him a bonus for enduring me as long as he did.

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Frickin' bears.

Even ignoring the whole flying-in-space thing, a Rogue is the last car I’d compare to an X-Wing. Maybe a GT-R, but I think its true spirit brother has pop-up headlights.

At least they didn’t ruin the Falcon. Let’s see...Chevy Astro with a twin turbo LS swap, radar detectors, a card table in the back, and of course, smuggling compartments.