Yesterday's Pirelli World Challenge race started with a bang. Or, perhaps, a series of bangs. Turns out, not everyone just rockets off like Ryan Eversley on a standing start. Any stall or hesitation could be a total disaster.

Several cars got collected in the opening melee yesterday, which led to a lengthy yellow flag that seemed to last for half the race itself. Yo! Debris flag. It's a thing. Please use it instead of trying to kitty-litter and sweep up a giant trail of car-splode during the race time.

Anyway, here's perhaps the best illustration ever of how not to do a standing start. GT Cup-dominating driver Colin Thompson and the perennially quick GT Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 of Maximillian Voelker got caught up in the melee. This is the view from Alec Udell's GT Cup Porsche 911, which, sadly, plows right into the Lambo. Ouch!

[H/T Racer]