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Matt Gallagher from WTF1 went to train and sweat with the Renault Formula One crew just like a real crew member. How did it go? “Let me die in peace,” Matt said.

Gallagher went to Renault’s Enstone base in Britain with the Bootcamp program, where six winners of an online competition are competing to get a chance to drive one of Renault’s older F1 cars. The finalists were put through an abbreviated training day that was just enough to make Gallagher miserable.


“I can’t talk,” Gallagher said before going to do “sit downs” and hide on a couch. “It’s too much.”

For what it’s worth, his record of one pull-up is way more than I can do. Still, Gallagher got some practice time swapping tires on a Formula One car, which is way cooler than that big ugly tractor tire your local CrossFit gym makes people pull around.

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