Here's What Happens Behind the Scenes At An Awesome Hot Wheels Stunt Jump

James Bond did it in an AMC Matador. Rob Dyrdek did it in a Chevy Sonic. Now it's Hot Wheels's turn. Make that Brent Fletcher's. He jumped a sand-rail buggy 92 feet, nautilus style, at the behest of the recently stunt-happy toy-car maker.

Alex Roy, on the latest episode of Live and Let Drive, was there for the trick (that's illusion, Michael), which took place at Hot Wheels's secret test facility somewhere west of the Pecos. Wait. Is that the actor Franklin Dennis Jones of The Joe Schmo Show? I didn't know he moonlighted as a test engineer. How secret is this facility anyway?


Anyway, the corkscrew jump is real, as is Alex's giddy excitement. He really, really liked his Hot Wheels cars.

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Bit Crusher

>mfw everyone in the comments section is complaining about a video in which a car ramps a motherfucking corkscrew and lands without incident, perhaps the coolest car stunt fucking EVER