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Watch The World Record Hot Wheels Double Loop Stunt

Illustration for article titled Watch The World Record Hot Wheels Double Loop Stunt

Mustachioed stunt driver Greg Tracy and former One Direction tenor Tanner Foust set a completely made up world record earlier today when they drove their cars through a double loop simultaneously at the X Games in Los Angeles. Tracy won, mostly because he did a Q&A with our readers on Friday. When will you learn, Foust? When will you learn?


The stunt was put on by Hot Wheels and, but for slightly larger scale, it looked exactly the kinds of tracks we all played with as kids. And then played with again as adults pretending to be humoring our nieces and nephews until they went to sleep and our significant others started giving us that "please stop embarrassing me in front of my sister" look.

Foust, who was second through the loop, barely cleared the ramp. Good thing he didn't hit it. The total stunt looked a lot slower than we'd imagined, which made it seem al the more frightening.


Photo Credit: My Life At Speed

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Why is it not in English? I know there are other countries, but in LA, why not go English or Spanish?