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Here's What A Burnout Looks Like In Thermal Vision

Doing a burnout is about the most knuckle-dragging thing you can do in a car short of jump it while running from revenoors. That’s probably why it’s so satisfying to see one shot with a $40,000 Flir T1K thermal camera.

This video comes to us from the nerdcore Engineering Explained, who ripped a fat one in his Honda S2000. We’ve seen this thing before when he showed how an engine warms up in infrared:


And we saw it again showing how much air his high-revving engine breathes:


After all of this high-tech science analysis of the burnout, the conclusion is that the tire gets hot. Quite hot.

That’s not the most surprising thing I’ve heard today, but it’s still quite cool to see.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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>160 C ?

40k dollar IR camera and that’s the best he can get? Does he not know how to scale it correctly?