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Looking at the 2019 Lamborghini Urus SUV could make you do one of three things: decide you like it, decide you hate it, or simply tilt your head in confusion because you haven’t quite grasped what’s going on yet. No matter where you fall, the configurator is out. What’s the worst that can happen?

No, seriously, we want to know. How bad can you make your Urus?

The odd thing about a mainstream Lamborghini SUV—in other words, an expensive Audi instead of something unique like the LM002—is that it doesn’t feel like there’s as much freedom with design choices. It would be hard to think twice about some wealthy person pairing a cotton-candy blue interior with a bright pink exterior on an Aventador, because, who cares, it’s their fancy sports car and they can do what they want.


But an SUV that fills the wealthy person’s need for a Volkswagen Touareg seems to warrant a more normal approach to styling, which is why we want to see your least normal combinations. Admittedly, with the limited color choices in the Urus configurator on Lamborghini’s website, it isn’t easy to make the car look wildly horrible. Still, it’s a fun exercise. Let’s do it.

Here’s my submission: an exterior paint that Lamborghini calls “Verde Hebe” with huge, orange calipers to compliment the forest green. There were two rim choices that showed off the calipers rather well, but the one I picked felt much more average than the other choice:


The more I look at this car, the more it looks like my mom’s old Hyundai Veracruz from the side. Anyway, I combined my nice green exterior and orange calipers with a rather puke-y pairing yellow interior, with alcantara as the material to make it feel extra weird:


It’s your turn, and here’s the new configurator. I don’t care about your sport packages, your performance trims or any of your upgrades. Show me your worst design combinations, because you can and you know you needed something to kill time anyway.

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