Here's The Newest Police Light Pattern To Watch For In Your Mirrors

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A police variant of the 2016 Ford Explorer was inevitable, cops can't buy enough of the current one. Here's what it looks like lurking in the dark, we'll see the whole thing and find out all about the "cop engine, cop suspension, cop brakes" and such at the Chicago Auto Show next week.


So if you could go ahead and be on your best behavior when you see this face, the 2015 Dodge Charger, or anything else Johnny Law uses to keep our streets safe, that'd be great. M'kay?

Image via Ford, Ford, and Photoshop

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I gave up on this soon after I moved away from Texas a few years ago.

Texas primarily uses Crown Vics for police interceptors, with an occasional F-150 here and there. No fuss. Simple.

In NYC, we have 50 billion different fucking variants for police cars, everything from Prius', Altima's, Crown Vics, random ass trucks with HELP? CALL 911! on the side, tiny little three-wheeler mutant golf-cart interceptors, old Impala's, Econoline van's, Fusion's, etc.

There's just too damn many to keep track of.