2015 Dodge Charger: Here's Your New Cop Headlight Pattern To Memorize

The 2015 Dodge Charger got a nice bit of a refresh, and thankfully, it's got a nice distinctive front end that should read very clearly in your rearview mirror. With cops all over the US getting these cars, those twin elongated parenthesis in anyone's mirror should read "slow down." I think it looks pretty good, too.

The facelift clearly borrows a lot of beauty tips from the little sibling Dart, but I think the very modern and smoothed, de-cluttered look works quite well on the Charger's more ample proportions.


In addition to the C-shaped LED running lights up front, the entire headlight units have been slimmed and updated, as has the rear taillight bar. Chrysler says every body panel on the car has been tweaked, and it looks like the primary design goals have been to clean things up, giving an overall sleeker, somewhat more refined appearance.

The underpinnings of the car are largely unchanged, and you can choose from the base 3.6L Pentastar V6 (292 HP/ 260 lb-ft) or get the SXT with a "Rallye" look and bump up to 300 HP/264 lb-ft. The big-ass 5.7 Hemi is still available, too (370 HP/395 lb-ft) for really rapid perps. All can be had with the new 8-speed auto as well.


There's lighter cast-aluminum axles as well, AWD options, and a refreshed interior with a color LCD in the gauge cluster as well as the center stack.

I know every cop I talk to complains about the poor visibility compared with the old Crown Vics, but I think these things will sure look nice and futuristic in black and white.

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