Here's The 2015 Subaru WRX In 360 View

I quite like the look of the 2015 Subaru WRX in pictures, but in person, it ain't so hot. Here's a bit better view of how Corolla-esque the Rex has become.

If the past is anything to go by, expect Subaru to suffer through a few years of grumbling from car enthusiasts before offering a proper widebody and aggressive look for this thing. Until then, the WRX will be a sleeper and not in a particularly good way.

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This car looks great, It has modern Styling, still looks like an Impreza, but is distinct enough to set it apart from its NA little brother and Subaru is going to sell a ton of these things.

It is the STI that needs to look funky, have a big wing and a widebody kit.

People want to complain but this car is waaaaaay better looking than the last Impreza Launched back in 2008.